Stewarding Earth's Resources...Naturally.

Redefining the Stewardship of Earth's resources is mission critical for the world.

Doing it naturally is the critical mission of Timberline Assets, Ltd

Our philosophy is simple.

Use the smallest proven technologies, combine them with the best proven talent and create economically sustainable solutions in multiple marketplaces for the greater good of the planet.

In short, we want the smartest people working to solve the hardest problems.

This process is the first step in delivering the highest quality of excellence in stewardship.

Thinking differently produces different actions that lead to different results.

At Timberline, to get big results, we think small pieces. The smaller we get in the details the more control we deliver over the bigger picture.

It's one of our magic keys to success.

The small things control the big things. It also reminds us that no problem is too big when broken down to it's smallest parts.

The next most critical mission of Timberline is to find and employ the best proven talent in the industry and develop strategic partnerships that provide a context of true "win/win/win" results.

Timberline is actively seeking opportunities to demonstrate our technologies at work in the real world. Water distribution systems, Oil and gas delivery systems and Mining water processes, to name a few.

Our Vision

It is Timberline's Vision to be the most valuable contribution to the well service industry in the world!

We will do this by holding to our Core Values.

Commitment, Commitment means we never quit! We never give up! And we partner with others who share that same level of purpose. We find the best solutions to the biggest problems and we do it diligently.

Connection, We connect to the real world through innovation, research and social hubs and think tanks. Timberline holds that a creative mindset connects more valuable solutions than the competitive mindset. We are creative in our connections and purpose to connect the pieces that bring the greatest sustainable results in the marketplace for ever changing economic times.

Contribution, Timberline believes that true contribution brings the best and lasting results of our commitment and connections for sustainability.

Together, commitment, connection, and contribution form a solid work ethic that anyone can stand with and appreciate.

It is our intention to be the most valuable contribution to the well service industry. And that means more than adding another product to a long list of "other products". It means creating, educating and supporting a completely new market sector of Earth friendly, non-hazardous solutions, supported by the highest level of support in the field by on-site, and remote technology consulting possible.

You can be an important part of helping us get the word out by clicking the "like" button at the top of this page, and sharing this information with those in your industry that are looking for natural solutions.

Timberline Assets, Ltd, stewarding Earth's resources...naturally.

We hope you join us. The generations that follow us will appreciate it.

Bill Myers, Timberline Assets, Ltd

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Timberline Assets, Ltd is about bringing the most value possible to the well service community through leadership and economically sustainable earth-friendly technologies.
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